Information Sources
A good on line source for Exige information is the Exige site (see link page).

Other good sources of information are:

'The Lotus Book' book by William Taylor (ISBN 1-902351-00-2)
Please see below for the Lotus Exige's statistics. Please note that the source of the performance data is sometimes official Lotus Cars data and sometimes independent magazine review data.

Name Production Years Max. Power bhp Max. Torque lb.ft Top Speed mph 0-60mph sec Comment
Exige S1 172 2000-2001 177@78000rpm 126@5000rpm 136 4.7s Rover 1.8l K-series engine.
Exige S1 190 2000-2001 192@7800rpm 146@5000rpm 136 4.6s Rover 1.8l K-series VHPD engine.
Exige S2 2004- 189@7800rpm 133@6800rpm 147 5.2s Six speed, Toyota engine.
Exige S2 Cup 240 2005- 243@8000rpm 174@7000rpm 150 3.9s Six speed, Toyota supercharged engine.
Exige S2 S 2006- 218@7800rpm 158.6@5500rpm 148 4.1s Six speed, Toyota supercharged engine.