Lotus launch the Evora (formally Project Eagle) at the British International Motor show on the 22nd July 2008. Cars should be in the show room by the end of 2008 and available to customers by May 2009.
The Russell Carr designed 2+2 seater, Toyota 3.5l V6 powered, 6 speed manual, coupe, shows strong design influences from the Elise S2 and the M250 (Lotus project car canceled in 2001).

Power is expected to be in the 276bhp/280ps range and the car's weight is said to be about 1350kg (Porsche Cayman with the same spec. is 150kg heavier). Estimated top speed is in the range of 165 to 170mph and it is expected that the 0-60mph time will be about 5 seconds. Lotus claim that on the track the Evora will out perform the Porsche Cayman S. Rumor has it that the engine bay packaging will allow a super charger to be fitted in a later version, allowing an increase in engine power and torque. So don't be too surprised when Lotus announce the 'Sport' version of this car in the not too distant future. Lotus have already announced that they will do a 2+0 version of the car. It is presumed that the deletion of the rear seats will reduce weight and allow an improvement of the vehicle dynamics.

Fuel economy and a CO2 of 225g/km is lower than the equivalent cars from other manufactures (Porsche Cayman S is 254g/km).

The 2+2 packaging of this car should open Lotus ownership up to a larger population. Giving practicality not seen in a Lotus since the demise of the Excel & Lotus Carlton. Don't expect rear passengers to be that comfortable on longer journeys. Lotus are claiming that the rear seats are really only suited to children of less than 5ft. However, rejoice all golfers, a full set of clubs will fit in the boot.

As you can see in the pictures to your left & right the interior has received detailed attention and looks like a pleasant place to be for both short and long journeys. This luxury/comfort should help this car compete in the showroom against the sporty Audi's, BMWs and Porsche.

Let's hope that in the current economic climate Lotus will achieve their sales targets of 2000 cars per annum and hence be able to finance the new Esprit and S3 Elise.

Click on the following link to open a very large/detailed picture of the Project Eagle car

Information Sources
The current source of information is from Autocar dated the 16th July 2008 (see link below for more details) and the Lotus Evora website.

Other good sources of information are:

Both Pistonheads and Lotus Esprit Forum have discusion threads covering Evora(Project Eagle).
Please see below for the estimated Evora's statistics. Please note that the source of the data is Lotus Car Ltd website

Name Production Years Max. Power bhp Max. Torque lb.ft Top Speed mph 0-60mph sec Comment
Evora 2008- 276@6400rpm 252@4700rpm 165 to 170 5.5s

Russell Carr styled. Toyota 3.5l V6 engined.