The Lotus Eclat Series 1 (Type 76) was made between 1975 & 1980. The Eclat was a fastback version of the 4 seater 'New' Elite (Type 75) and was introduced into the Lotus product line as a lower price alternative to the Elite. The rear roof line of the Elite was sloped down into a sporty fastback. Replacing the glassback of the Elite was a trunk lid that opened to a generously sized and practical boot. The Eclat shared the same Lotus 907 2 litre 160bhp engine.

In 1980 the Series 2 (Type 84) was introduced. This version remained in production until replaced by the Excel in 1982. The main difference between the Series 1 & Series 2 was the Lotus 912 engine with it's larger capacity of 2.2 litres the same 160bhp but with a usable increase in torque from 140 lb ft@4900rpm to 160 lb ft@5000rpm.